The Kinesis care golf concept is designed to deliver a truly holistic experience to enhance your golf performance.

We deliver three essential components under one roof, bringing a more comprehensive and efficient support to your game.

1)      SPORTS SCIENCE a personalized strengthening and conditioning programme can harmonize your muscle tone, strength, flexibility and spatial awareness. The biomechanics of your swing will be improved, improving your performance and preventing injuries.

2)      PHYSIOTHERAPY is originally the treatment of injuries by physical methods including exercise, massage and manual therapy. The Kinesis Care golf concept manages the transition between healing and going back to playing golf.

3)      Sports coaching diversity is the key to a harmonious life.  We will draw on our multiple sports know-how, to balance, develop your physical abilities with a great variety of drills, making you a more complete and stronger golfer.


We want you back in the game – a stronger, sharper golfer.

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