physiotherapy  Polo Kuala Lumpur MalaysiaWind Horse Polo Team.

Team members :

  • Chris Yeo (-2)
  • Christine Hia (-2)
  • Sally Ann Tan (-2)
  • Jennifer Too (0)
  • Ali Mazlan (+2)
  • Saladin Mazlan (+3)
  • Marco Foccacia (+3)

Newly formed for the Royal Malaysia Polo Association (RMPA) 2014 leagues, Windhorse Polo is based around Jennifer Too and Ali Mazlan.

They will play with a combination of polo professionals Marco Foccacia, from Argentina and Saladin Mazlan and amateur players Chris Yeo, Christine Hia and Sally Ann Tan.

Windhorse will introduce Team PG as a technical appereal partner to the competitive Malaysian Polo scene.

For 2014, Windhorse will play in Royal Blue and Yellow as their team colors, wearing Team PG Straight Line (PGVR 1310) and Traction Control (PGVR 1309) as their uniforms.

Windhorse has taken on board the services of Kinesis Care Sdn Bhd, to provide physiotherapy and physical conditioning for the team.

Under the watchful eye of Franck Coubard, Windhorse expects to perform better, stronger and recover faster thru customized conditioning regimes and treatments.

World of Feng Shui (WOF) brings in an extra element to Windhorse, Feng Shui Master Lilian Too and daughter Jennifer, will attempt to synergise all the elements of success for the team.

Chris Yeo will have a dual role of playing in the Merdeka Leaque and act as official photograper to Windhorse.

Windhorse plans to play in two of the three RMPA leagues.

  1. RMPA Merdeka League (3 Goal Handicap)
  2. RMPA National League (8 Goal Handicap)


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