We aim to help you get back in the game.

We offer:

Injury recovery

Every Sport Physio KL  treatment plan is exercise based and sport-specific, designed with your sport

objectives and agenda in mind.

The transition between healing and going back to sport is too often over looked. At Sport Physio KL we

will analyze the cause of your problem and design functional rehabilitation exercises tailored to your


Specific screening tests will be conducted to guarantee an optimal return to your physical activities.

Ultimately the main objective is to limit the recurrence of injuries.


Injury prevention programmes are implemented in all major sports and are essential to skills

development. At Sport Physio KL we are trained to help you recover from injury but we also understand

the specifics of your sport. Our aim is to plan the most appropriate strength and condition

programme and integrate it to your training routine.

Harmonizing your muscle tone, strength flexibility and spatial awareness will enhance your overall

performance: better biomechanics may improve your golf swing, as runner develop a better stride;

knee injuries can be prevented for soccer and rugby players. Each and every athlete can benefit from

such a programme.

Sport events physiotherapy

Along with the medical team we can assist players with minor injuries. Taping, sport massages,

stretching, and physiotherapy techniques, such as cryotherapy and electrotherapy can be used to

support the athlete.

Why choose us?

Our physiotherapy team has a strong background in sport so we understand sports, we speak sports,

and we live sports.

Our senior sport physiotherapist has over twenty years experience teaching physical education

around the world. He has been coaching judo, swimming, track and field, team hand-ball in clubs

and international schools. He is also a certified rock climbing, scuba diving, fitness and first aid

instructor and is currently pursuing a certification as a golf physiotherapist. His experience in sports

combined with his knowledge in physiotherapy will be a great asset to get you back on track and

make you a better, safer athlete.

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