A physiotherapist will help control your symptoms and promote the healing of the affected area, and guide you back to a functional life. A physiotherapist specialized in sport will go the extra mile to lead you back to your sport step by step. The specificity of your sport and personal objectives will shape the rehabilitation protocol. Self confidence must be regained through gradual but yet challenging exercises.

The sport physiotherapist’s aim is to get you back into your game. They can work with you on a post surgery rehabilitation program or assist you case of acute tendinitis, sprain or strain.


Golf is no exception; you might be a weekend social golfer or an aspiring pro, nevertheless, golf is part of your life.

What are the most common golf injuries?

Lower back strain: rarely a first-time event, but builds up with the repetition of movements performed with poor body posture and/or pre-existing back problems.

Rotator cuff tear: the shoulder is highly mobile, but it also means that it is less stable than other joints. Pre-existing pathology linked to repetition of swings and weakness of shoulder muscles may lead to rotator cuff tear.

Elbow tendinitis: nicknamed golfer elbow, but did you know that a high percentage of golfer suffer from tennis elbow. It all depends of your faulty swing skills.

Knee injuries: your leading leg is subject to tremendous force which often leads to ligaments injuries.

Most golf injuries could be prevented because many golfers struggle with technical faults, which may actually be the result of a physical imbalance in the upper or lower body. Biomechanical screening should be the first step to determine any physical and postural limitations. Those limitations may lead to compensatory movements causing injuries or affect the quality of your swing.

At Kinesis Care your screening assessment will include:

The evaluation of your range of movement will include all major articulations involved in a golf swing.

The strength of the muscles stabilizing your body during your swing but also the one responsible for the power and speed will be thoroughly tested.

This overall assessment will give a detailed view of your strengths and limitations. After analysing the results our sport physiotherapist in relation with your golf pro will be able to design a rehabilitation programme or a course of fitness exercises to make you a physically safer and a sharper golfer

Franck Coubard

BSc Physiotherapy, BSc Sport Science and keen golfer.

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