Golf can be frustrating game. Consistency and accuracy are important factors that can make the difference between high or low handicap players. You have been working hard with your golf pro on your swing techniques, course management and club fitting.

What about your body strength, stability and range of movement? Can you rotate your shoulders enough? Are you strong enough to stabilize your hips on your backswing and the or on your downswing?

Your lack of progress and certain limitation in your techniques could be unlocked by a simple functional assessment.

Sport physiotherapists are best equipped to screen, assess all the joints and muscles involved in your golf swing, simply because they spend a lot of time studying functional anatomy and body mechanics. They also have a passion for sports and will be dedicate to see you improve.

A full body assessment in golf will cover range of movement in your hips, torso, shoulders, neck, and wrist but could be extended to other joints. The assessment will also cover your muscular strength. The therapist will also discuss any of your old or recent injuries which could be lead to your latest golf limitation.

This information will be crucial to your golf instructor. Golf pro may decide to work around your difficulties to adapt your swing or work with the physiotherapist to improve your strength and range of movement. In either case make you a better golfer less likely to get injured.

Franck Coubard

BSc Physiotherapy, BSc Sport Science and keen golfer.

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